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Art - Cut the Rope - Birthday madness [Apr. 23rd, 2012|08:07 pm]
So, those of you who know me probably already know that when it comes to birthday parties and theme-y things, I can be a little bit, uh... insane. I vastly overdo things (which is usually between 40-60% of all the things I plan to do), yes, but I really love doing it.

Ryan will be turning three this year. He has become smitten with Om Nom (from the phone app Cut the Rope) and that's what we've elected for the party theme. If you don't play, you can watch this adorable little film of Om Nom breaking out of his game and romping around the real world:


Beneath the cut, you can check out the invitations and the little canvas shoes I painted up. Yay, being creative and productive/artistic!

Om Nom = LoveCollapse )
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Because the surest way to get me to post is a fun meme... [Feb. 19th, 2012|09:21 pm]
Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

write_light asked me...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2011|10:47 am]
Our beautiful and tiny black purrbox of a kitten died last night.

I found him beneath the bed, cold and unmoving, and thought he had already passed. He was able to mew piteously and we rushed him to the emergency vet but he was so far gone that he had to be put down. I'm glad we got those last minutes with him, that he was out of pain and knew we were there, but it's incredibly painful to lose him so suddenly and so young. FIP is to blame; we need to get the other kitties checked to make sure they're okay.

They're all quite baffled and shaken by it, especially dear Frodo, who took to Strider almost immediately. They've been very close and he clearly is at a loss about what to do without his little shadow and cuddlemate.

I know I haven't updated much; there've been happier things, I promise.
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zomg moving, aka I have a valid reason for not updating in forever this time! [Aug. 7th, 2011|08:52 pm]
Hello there! Has the summer completely flown by for everyone else? Because it has for me.

so much to update aboutCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2011|01:48 pm]
[I feel |disappointeddisappointed]

We were hoping to be moving this weekend, but finally found out for sure today - the loan will not be funding in time for us to take possession tomorrow. It looks like sometime next week... we should find out a for-certain date tomorrow.

Trying to be positive and think of it as more time for packing, but I'm a little bummed out about it.
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Updates all around... [Jun. 9th, 2011|01:38 pm]
Ryan is officially two years old! His birthday ended up pretty awesome overall... I think I was the least prepared for it as I've been for any event I've hosted, but hopefully no one could tell. Life has been a whirl of birthdays and other gatherings, friends from out of town, etc... we unfortunately passed our germs on (boo!) so apparently contagious long after feeling better :( Hoping no one else ends up coming down with it.

Alex is now a second grader! Today was his last day of school. He doesn't need summer school this year, which is kinda cool but may mean I'll be even crazier than normal :) Surely not!

More birthdays to celebrate tonight, and a family bbq on Sunday... Nate may end up missing that as Mike and Shannon are packing up for the Oregon move this weekend as well. We have been looking at homes (here in Livermore) for sale and decided to put an offer in on one... so hoping everything goes smoothly with that and perhaps we will also be moving in the near future. Will try to keep everyone updated! I know I'm terrible about journaling these days.
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2011|03:05 pm]
I have so much catching up to do. But mostly I just want to say that I hope none of the awesome people I saw this weekend have come down with the same Exorcist flu as we have.
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April? What April? [May. 9th, 2011|01:03 pm]
Looks like it's been a while since I updated...

Here's a quickie update on last month or soCollapse )
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Focusing on some positive for a change... [Mar. 31st, 2011|03:34 pm]
Am enjoying the lovely sunny spring weather we're having. It is iced latte season! Also, my favorite flowers (yellow freesia) are all budded up and about to bloom. Anticipation!

Ryan saw the ortho who... I dunno, was not what I was expecting from a doctor. Good news is that the break isn't bad and he doesn't need a cast. Currently we have him in a removable splint (it's wrapped on with ace bandages), which he wears all the time but we can take it off him for bathing, which is awesome, and his little fingers can grab onto stuff so he's got some use of it. Finding out it can come off means that he asks for it to come off quite frequently, but ah well. Hopefully he'll be all healed up and able to do without it at our follow up apptment next week, and in the meantime I'm just very thankful that it's not more severe.

Alex's spring break is next week, catching me off guard. I know they don't call it Easter break these days, but it's usually still bracketed by Easter weekend... apparently not this year!

I continue to be way too into crocheting little characters. Will be mailing a couple out today for a friend's sick nephew (a Yoda and a Jedi Nephew).
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(no subject) [Mar. 25th, 2011|09:52 pm]
Ryan got hurt this evening while playing with Alex... he's all splinted up now with either a fracture or a break just a bit below the elbow :( Follow ups in the morning to determine which, and if he needs a real cast. Either way, my poor baby has had a rough night and is not going to have an easy time of it for a while until he heals up :(

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