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Journal of an angel

--- trivial things and feathered wings ---

26 July 1977
About Me:
I am pretty much a happy and friendly person, though I can be pretty quiet and shy until I get to know someone. Generally I value intelligence, open-mindedness, and people who don't take themselves too seriously. I like to be silly and playful. I don't have too many lines to cross - let me know if I cross any of yours. My humor is spiked pretty liberally with sarcasm; sometimes I seem cruel without meaning to. Like most people, I have a lot of contradictory facets, and they don't all get equal time - don't make up your mind until you know me.

I am married, with two adorable little boys, three kitties, and a bunch of fish. My husband's journal can be found at reboot_kid. I'm a type II diabetic who loves cooking (especially baking), gardening, sewing, and other 1950's stereotypes. I'm strongly alt-friendly and have some amazing people in my life, with more showing up all the time. I like to play dress-up and take pictures and color in coloring books and all kinds of ridiculous stuff. I don't update nearly as often as I should.

Random readers and commenters are welcome here - feel free to jump in anywhere. I don't take friendslisting personally... so I may add you and delete you without notice, and it doesn't mean I love you or hate you or anything like that. Feel free to do the same - Lack of Drama Guaranteed! If you're looking for fan fiction, you're in the wrong journal... you want sinandcinnamon. This one is for all the daily life family-friendly stuff. Family and other non-fen are strongly encouraged to stick to this journal.